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Palm Honey

You Stole My Blackout / Bones 7-Inch Vinyl

7 Inch $7.99

Release Date: 22/04/2017

Discs: 1

7" Vinyl (You Stole My Blackout / Bones) Double A

A Side ‘You Stole My Blackout’ leads Palm Honey’s latest release. A short, snappy slice of psychedelic pop that wastes no time getting right to a funky hook, eventually building to a dramatic crescendo that manifests as an onslaught of bone-rattling guitar wails and synth swirls.

AA Side ’Bones’ was originally conceived as a slow, chilled out dream pop track that frontman Joseph Mumford demoed one late night alone in his kitchen. A staple of Palm Honey’s set since their early days, the track is immortalised here as a live recording of its new, uptempo form that combines the hazier side of psychedelia with a heavy, aggressive rhythm.